Visit to Tanzania & Kenya

Visit to Dar es Salaam & Nairobi

10 days - Dates to be determined

Starting from $3,500

Dar es Salaam

Over the last century, Dar es Salaam has transformed from a sleepy Zaramo fishing village into a thriving, striving, smoke-belching metropolis of over four million people (and growing). Straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world, it is East Africa’s second-busiest port and Tanzania’s commercial and cultural hub.

At the northern end of the harbour is the Kivukoni Front, with a bustling fish market where dhows dock at dawn to offload the night’s catch. There are also excellent craft markets and restaurants and nearby sandy beaches and islands. The city’s architecture is a mix of African, Arab, Indian and German, although the quaint colonial Lutheran Church is now dwarfed by towering high-rises which reflect Dar’s rising prosperity in the golden-hued sunsets shimmering off their glass exteriors. Many travellers bypass ‘Dar’ completely; those that stick around will be rewarded by the city’s eclectic cultural mix and down-to-earth vibe.


Telling people that you like Nairobi is like voicing a guilty secret. Yes, Nairobi’s reputation precedes it. And yes, it's a city where it pays to keep your wits about you. But there are many people who don't just like Nairobi but who wouldn't want to live anywhere else. For those who call it home, the city's muscular, cosmopolitan charms include a vibrant cultural life, fabulous places to eat and exciting nightlife. If you're just passing through, this melting pot of people and attractions has the intriguing National Museum, an unlikely national park (black rhinos and all), an irresistible elephant orphanage, the ground zero for the Rothschild’s giraffe, Karen Blixen's former home and so much more. Welcome to one of Africa's most dynamic cities, a place you'll almost certainly pass through and one that you could just learn to like if you give it half a chance.

Optional Add-on Tours

South India - 11 days Stating from $3,500

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  • 3 days in Kruger National Park
  • 1 day in Durban
  • 1 day in Port Elizabeth
  • 1 day in Oudtshoorn
  • 4 days in Capetown

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